Supporting and motivating BD initiatives: Business incentives

The loss in the biodiversity that is happening in a world scale with global warming, will have numerous consequences for humanity (and businesses) if we don’t start thinking and acting in a different way.

We are working with the Costa Rican ministry of the environment to develop proposals regarding incentives to substantially increase private sector participation in the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of biodiversity (BD).

This cooperation has arisen from our MOU (February 2020) with the ministry. It will contribute to a package of policies and recommendations to be included by Costa Rica in their contributions to Biodiversity 2030 Strategies and the COP15 agenda.

In developing this task, we have formed a team with Germany´s GIZ/DABIO group based in Central America, and some of our members.

In stage 1 we are interviewing our members and other businesses in Costa Rica, to collect their views regarding effective incentives, but we are also very interested in collecting input from other sources in the Mesoamerican region and internationally.

We would be particularly grateful for contributions from our world-wide GPBB colleagues and their business members and any knowledgeable sources.

You can help with this initiative by answering the following survey here.


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